Year Long Dhu Competition Rules

Rules for the WAUC year long Dhu Competition

1 - Photos Should be posted on the WAUC Gold public Facebook group with the tag #WAUC in the description. Please note it is preferable not to mention the fish's weight.

2 - Divers must be breath-hold spearfishing and fully submerged at time of capture. No breathing aid other than a snorkel is permitted.

3 - Entries of all fish must be emailed through to stating diver's name, date of capture, location, weight and length of fish.
4 - Entries are to include clear photos of the fish on scales displaying weight, the fishes length, a trophy photo and a picture of the scales certification sticker.
5 - Fish are to be weighed whole. Gutted fish will be accepted, albeit at the lower weight.
6 - It is preferred if Competition entries are submitted within 28 days from date of capture, though all entries will be accepted up to the announced closing date (generaly one week from season end).

7 - Only trade certified scales or digital scales with 50gr or better accuracy and a calibration report that is no more than 2 years old. Feel free to contact the club in regards to the location of suitable scales should you not have access.

The winner will be announced at next years AGM


Please send the below details (as many as possible) to committee member Shane Robertson at to submit your record entry!


Full name
Mobile number
Email address
Fish species
Fish weight
Capture date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Length (in cm’s)
Girth (in cm’s)
Witnesses (if any)
Trophy picture


Goodluck and safe spearing and diving!